Adding that final touch of perfection to your kitchens and baths.

We all love the look of a designer kitchen, but there are some difficult obstacles to overcome in order to enjoy it effortlessly.  Stainless Steel appliances tend to smudge and streak.  Marble and Granite countertops look amazing, but don't provide a sanitary surface for food preparation.  Glass shower stalls can really open up a bathroom, but keeping the waterspots off can be a full time job.  Let Luxury Home Coatings show you how we can utilize Ceramic Pro products to protect and beautify your home.  



Maintains the pristine look of stainless Steel and prevents fingerprints and water marks.

Prevents staining and scratching on stones like marble and granite.

Creates a sanitary surfaces on countertops, appliances and all other surfaces.

Repels liquids therefore protects fabrics from staining and discoloration.

Eliminates the need for harsh chemicals while cleaning.

Prevents mineral water marks in glass showers.

All surfaces become extremely easy to clean due to its ultra-slick surface.

Prevents elements (like sun and rain) from dulling or ruining your outdoor grill & furniture.

The anti-graffiti property prevents marker and paint from every adhering to the surface.


You will be amazed how well it works. Give us a call to set up a free, in-home consultation to find out more about all of the benefits!

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Coating your countertops not only protects the stone but also protects your family by making the entire surface more sanitary and easier to clean.



Stop fighting the spots and fingerprints on your glass. Protective coatings keep your shower feeling cleaner longer!

Furnishings and Personal items

Light colored fabrics are beautiful to look at but can be impossible to keep clean. Ceramic Pro will prevent spills and stains from ruining the look of your furniture.

Give yourself the piece of mind that your home is truly protected and sanitary.  Start the process now with a free consultation.