The perfect accent to your accessories.

Ever bought a brand new pair of shoes and your friend accidentally spills her wine on them? Or been asked to put your brand new white Michael Kors on the floor? Accidents can't be avoided- but the stains can. 

From Coach to Prada and Jimmy to Minolo, Ceramic Pro coatings can protect it all. It will promote your leather to stay more supple and keep your fabrics free from spills and stains.  All of your accessories will look newer for longer! We can protect you shoes, handbags, wallets, boots, leather coats, hats and much much more! 


Benefits of Ceramic pro Include:

  • Excellent durability

  • Factory look and feel

  • Repels spills and stains

  • Excellent wear resistance

  • Easy to clean

  • UV resistant

  • Reduces aging

  • Keep fibers clean


Handbags, wallets and shoes come in all shapes, sizes and fabrics and therefore the process for each is slightly different. For all items we begin by inspecting the surface for any imperfections or staining. We then  carefully clean the item. The final step is choosing and applying  the most appropriate coating for that specific item. For example, Ceramic Pro leather would provide the most appropriate protection for a leather purse or shoes.


     Single Handbag or pair of shoes start out at $50 each

     2-4 Handbags / pairs of shoes start at $45 each

     Wallets starting at $25 each


Watch how Ceramic Pro textile can protect all sorts of different fabrics. It can be applied to shoes, handbags, awnings, couches… the possibilities are endless!


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