Ceramic Pro is a sanitary coating system that can be used all around your home. Once cured, this technology will transform itself into a permanent, rigid glass shield that provides you with protection and peace of mind. The coating results in a high gloss, non-stick finish with unmatched stain, scratch and chemical resistance as well as ultraviolet and thermal protection. If you have a matte finish surface- don't worry! We can offer the same protection while maintaining that finish as well!  Ceramic Pro forms a permanent bond to all areas of your home including stainless steel appliances, stone countertops, shower glass, sinks, outdoor decor and even personal items like handbags and timepieces.  With Ceramic Pro installed, your surfaces become protected, easier to clean and sanitary!

Ceramic Pro has been around since 2010 and is currently being used in over 50 countries. Although primarily used in the construction, industrial and automotive worlds, it has proven itself to be exceptional at providing protection and ease of maintenance in household settings as well. 

Benefits of Ceramic Pro Protection:

  • Keeps Stainless Steel, glass and chrome surfaces spot and streak-free
  • Repels liquids therefore protecting fabrics from staining and discoloration.
  •  Maintains sanitary surfaces for countertops and appliances.
  •  No harsh chemicals needed for cleaning.
  •  Makes all surfaces easier to clean thanks to its hydrophobic properties. 
  • It’s anti-graffiti property makes removing marker and paint a breeze.


How long does the coating last?   The base layer is permanent and will always provide a layer of protection. The top layer is meant to break down over time and is expected to last anywhere from 2-3 years or longer depending on how frequently its being used. There are options for additional layers which would extend the life of the coating. Just ask! 

How does this help stainless steel?  Stainless steel has a grainy texture. Dirt, grease and grime jump between those grains while cleaning which makes it difficult to get perfectly clean and streak-free. Ceramic Pro fills the pores and in this case the grains and results in an ultra-slick surface. That slick surface prevents any dirt, grime, fingerprints or bacteria from adhering which leaves you with a perfect looking surface all the time.

When is the best time to have my home coated?   Ideally, before you use it! This would prevent the scratches in your sink and stains on your counters before they ever happen! However, we know thats not always possible. We are available for installs both days and evenings and will do whatever it takes to make it work with your schedule!

Do I need to schedule a consultation?   We prefer you do. This allows us to be prepared for anything that may prove to be a challenge during your install. However, if you live far away or your schedule is just to busy, we are happy to accommodate you any way we can. 

My marble has a matte finish- will this make it glossy?   That's entirely up to you. We can use different combinations of products to add gloss, some gloss or maintain the matte finish when possible. 

Can you fix and protect Corian or solid surface countertops?   YES! Corian surfaces typically requires an in-depth polishing to remove any scratches and discoloration but will result in a better then new finish with protection from those scratches for years!

Is it toxic?  Once cured, Ceramic Pro is completely sanitary and toxic-free. I trust it so much I even coated my child's highchair in it! 

How far will you travel?   Any consultation further then 30 miles from our offices in Bedford Heights will incur a small fee of $50 to cover travel.  This travel fee will be applied to the invoice for any work that is performed.

Do you have a minimum purchase required?  Yes. We have a $250 minimum for homes within 50 miles and a $600 minimum for homes exceeding that. If you would like a personal item coated, you're welcome to schedule a drop it off at our office in Bedford Heights to avoid travel and minimum charges. 

Do you work with builders, contractors and designers?   YES!! The ideal time for installation is before the surface is being used. To learn more about how you can improve your business by offering our service as a protection package- Call us! 

Have a question but don't see your answer above? Give us a call or click the link below! We're happy to answer any question you may have!