Our Experience

Luxury Home Coatings is a division of Rehab Detailing.  Rehab Detailing has been utilizing Ceramic Pro's strong protective barrier and glossy hydrophobic finish on high-end vehicles for many years. We have won countless local awards and are regarded as one of the top 20 national detailers by the DuPout Registry.  At Luxury Home Coatings, we are leading the trend in moving Ceramic Pro into homes and have already been revered as the best. Your home is in the best of hands with our exceptional service!

The Consultation

Every home is different and every family's needs are different.  We start the process by coming to your home and looking over the areas that you would like to have protected.  We'll then discuss the various uses and traffic patterns of your home to get a better idea of which products will best match your specific needs.   An estimate can be created for you on the spot following the consultation and we can also schedule the work at a time and date that works best for your family. Consults are always free and a great way to see if this is right for you. 

Consultations are always free for homes within a 30 mile radius.  Any consultation further then 30 miles from our offices in Bedford Height will incur a small fee of $50 to cover travel.  This travel fee will be applied to the invoice for any work that is performed.

The Application

Most applications are installed over a 2 day process.  The first step is to clean and polish all surfaces that are to be coated.  Once they are cleaned and prepped for coating we will lay down the base coat or coats.  This part of the process usually takes between 2-5 hours .  The base coat will need to cure for around 8 hours before the top coat can be applied.  Generally the top coat is scheduled for the following day.  On day 2 we will apply the top coat which adds the high gloss and hydrophobic protection.  This process is very fast and usually only takes 1-2 hours. Handbags and timepeices only require 1 coating and therefore can be completed in 1 visit.  

The Curing Process

After the application is complete, the coating will continue to cure for nearly 2 weeks. Initially, we highly recommend you avoid using the coated areas for at least 48 hours. You especially want to avoid any water or liquid coming into contact with those areas. Then, just try to avoid heavy traffic or the use chemicals and/or liquids on the surface for at least 7 days.  The coating is fully cured and at it's maximum strength and shine after 14 days. The resulting surface is a completely sanitary and toxic free! Some formulations require less curing time. Call us for a more accurate quote.

Confused? Just follow of the 2-7-2 rule!  2 days of no touching and no liquids. 7 days of light use. 2 weeks with no chemicals and after that you are good to go!  


Once coated, cleanup is a breeze. A mild soap and water are all you'll need to clean any coated surface in your home. Chemicals and harsh abrasives will be a thing of the past.  The hard base coat is permanent and will always provide a layer of protection and maintain a sanitary surface.  Over time, usually 2-3 years, the top gloss coating will start to wear away.  This can vary based on how much that area is used by your family. For example, the bottom of your sink will wear down faster then the counters in your guest bathroom because they arent being used as frequently.  As it wears away, you'll know because it won't appear as glossy and may become harder to clean. Don't worry though, It wont leave any ugly splotches or obvious signs of wear. When that happens, we will come out and perform a top layer treatment very easily and you will be all set for a few more years.  

To Schedule your in-home consultation please call or use the form provided (216) 342-5281