Protect and Beautify your Timepiece Collection

High quality timepieces are already made out some of the most durable materials available. However, things like Gold and Platinum are still susceptible to scratching and even the most durable materials still get water spots and build up. A coating of Ceramic Pro can help prevent all of that. Your timepiece will shine without polishing, be protected from damage and will always look flawless.  

Ceramic Pro will give your watch a scratch-resistant, high gloss surface to keep it looking tip top. Ceramic Pro is also completely chemically resistant and will prevent tarnishing and damage from minerals and harsh chemicals. By not requiring scrubbing or aggressive chemicals - clean up is simple.  

Give us a call to go over how we can help you beautify and protect your entire collection.

Process and Pricing

Every timepiece will go through a custom hand or machine polish to remove any light marring on the surface. We then carefully clean it in preparation for the Ceramic Pro Coating. The result is an unmatched elegance and shine you won't find anywhere else.

Single Timepiece starting at $50

1-3 Timepieces Starting at $45 Each

4+ timepieces starting at $35 Each


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